MHT Mold & Hotrunner Technology and KEBO Partner on Blood Collection Tubes (BCT) | Plastics Technology

The German and Swiss tool and hot runner makers say the collaboration will extend to the full BCT portfolio, including test tubes, caps, rubber plugs, tube holders, luer adapters, needle hubs and protective caps.

MHT Mold & Hotrunner Technology AG (Hocheim-am-Main, Germany) and KEBO AG (Neuhausen, Switzerland) announced a partnership to “develop their businesses and provide complete blood connection tube (BCT) solutions to their customers.” MHT develops, manufactures and distributes injection molds and hot runners for PET applications, including preforms for beverage packaging and BCTs for the medical packaging industry. On its website, MHT notes its BCTs have a wall thickness of less than 1mm, with a length to wall thickness ratio up to 120. KEBO’s expertise lies in medical and packaging molds and hot runner. Applications include medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory, as well as thin-wall products for the packaging industry. Salter Labs Nasal Cannula

The companies say this partnership comes in response to the strong market desire for diagnostic and laboratory applications. In terms of the collaboration, the companies note that MHT will bring its expertise for BCT injection molds and PET hot runner systems, while KEBO supplies knowledge of medical injection molds and hot runner solutions.

The partnership was officially signed on Jan. 17, 2023.

MHT and KEBO will combine their expertise on blood collection tubes in a collaboration intended to meet growing market demand. Photo Credit: MHT

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